Email Marketing: 6 Quick Copywriting Tips

When it comes to copywriting, composing effective emails isn’t as hard as you might think. You’ll find that it is well worth applying these quick copywriting tips to your email marketing campaigns to get more buying traffic to your Amazon affiliate site . . .

6 Copywriting Tips For Email Marketing

Copywriting Tips -
Here are six quick email copywriting tips for you to keep in mind:

Copywriting Tip #1: Use Great Subject Lines

Believe or not, your email’s subject line is the “door” to your subscribers. Think about it, if you get a lot of emails and don’t have a lot of time, which emails do you tend to open right away?  The answer: the emails with subject lines that catch your attention and entice you to open.
We use the excellent MailChimp for all our emails and it includes some great tools for testing/optimizing subject lines.
You can get some ideas by opening up your own email account right now, and scanning through the subject lines used by many of the trusted marketers you subscribe to.

Copywriting Tip #2: Be Consistent In Your Writing Style & Tone

It is often said, “Your personality, individuality and brand are powerful elements to use in email marketing.” So when it comes to copywriting, smart marketers connect with their audience on a more personal level. The key is to find your writing style and hone your skills.
With FreshStore emails and training guides, we use an impersonal and light hearted tone that reflects our personality and approach to Internet Marketing. In our training guides we take a more formal and clear approach.
Example: If you tend to write using a conversational tone, then stick with that. The bulk of your messages should speak in the same tone. Switching it up will only confuse your readers (or even turn them off).

Copywriting Tip #3: Keep It Short & To the Point

Lengthy, meandering emails are rarely read all the way through. Even if you are conversational or even humorous in your writing style, every email should be to the point.
For example: A personal greeting and lead-in, state a problem, give a solution, and send them to a site where they can learn more.
That’s really the flow of an email. Don’t try to tell them everything in the email . . . it should just be a teaser to get them to the primary page you want your readers to go to.

Copywriting Tip #4: Edit To Avoid Big Blocks of Text

As with Tip # 3 above, when someone opens an email and sees big blocks of text, it makes them NOT want to read the email (especially if they don’t have a lot of time). The key is to create shorter sentences and break up paragraphs into smaller blocks. Doing so will ensure your message is more digestible and your entire email gets read.

Copywriting Tip # 5: Have A Clear Call To Action

Every email you send out should result in some sort of action. Always be clear about what you want your subscribers to do.
For example, you may want them to click a link to:

  • one of your blog posts for a full article
  • a survey you’ve created to discover your subscribers’ needs/wants
  • a sales page for a product you are recommending.

It’s advisable to make sure text links are always blue and bold . . . and strategically placed (most often, early on in the email and again at the end of your email message).

Copywriting Tip # 6: Brand Your Messages

Branding is a great way to become memorable to your readers. The more familiar they are with your brand, the more they will come to trust you.
Consider branding your email messages by always using your logo and tag line (if you have one) or even your closing phrase (just before your signature). And don’t forget to include links to your site and social media profiles, beneath your name.
With email copywriting . . . it may take a little time to find your voice, create great subject lines and consistently offer great content, but it is well worth the effort.
Remember, you don’t have to be perfect the first time around. As long as readers feel that you are genuine in your efforts to provide valuable, useful content, they’ll be more forgiving of any mistakes you may make. Just stick with it and you will get better with time.

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