Exclusive Deals for FreshStore Members

Did you know that as a FreshStore member you get access to exclusive deals on other products? Read on to find out how Mike, one of our long term members, has benefited and how you can to.

Mike contacted me this week to say thank you for a unique discount I secured on a WordPress plugin called SpyNot.
(these are the messages that make it all worthwhile for me)
Here is his message:

Hello Carey & Support Team
Please send my personal thanks to Carey for offering SpyNot as an affiliate and getting FreshStore customers such and awesome deal at 67 ONE TIME Charter fee – Blown Away!
Short story here… I had already purchased SpyNot through another affiliate that was promoting a few weeks ago and got SpyNot for a 97/year fee. When I saw what Carey was able to do for his customers, I immediately purchased SpyNot again through Carey’s link.
Thanks again Carey for always looking out!
Best Regards,

Mike went on to say:

I truly do believe you are doing your best to get us the best deals out
there, especially when it comes to getting the cutting edge stuff that
matters to us FreshStores. Products like AmaSuite, the
Conversion Pro Template for FreshStore, and the latest SpyNot
Charter Membership deal which you would be absolutely crazy to pass up
any of those offers.
I know that some products may not always be the right fit for some
people, but every time I see one of your offers I know it’s going to be
good – like stop what your doing now and see what Carey has to offer
good. These aren’t just any old offers that you can make a profit
from… they are products that will actually help and benefit Fresh
Store Builder members and their online businesses.
Thank you Carey and everyone behind-the-scenes for all the hard work and
effort put into reviewing these beneficial products for FreshStore
Builder members and pushing to get us the best deals possible that
nobody else is offering.

Thank you Mike for sharing your story with me and for giving me permission to share with my members. Here are some common questions about these products and offers:
How do we get these exclusive deals?
Every week, 10’s or even 100’s of new products are released in the Internet Marketing space.
I believe that the right tools will help your business grow quicker, allow you to learn new techniques and increase your profits.
But there is a lot of rubbish out there.
So each week I spend hours researching and testing the new products. I build relationships with the product owners to secure exclusive discounts, exclusive bonuses, early access, free training webinars and more.
When I find a good product I typically will record a review video to show you how to make the most of the software, answer common questions, explain the offer and to show you what you are getting.
When I recommend these products I usually, but not always, get a commission from the product owner.
However, I will only ever recommend a product that I truly believe will benefit you.
Can I get these deals if I am not an FSB member?
Sorry but this is an exclusive benefit to members only.
I am an FSB Member, how can I receive them?
Please login to your account and go to the following link to set them up:

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