FreshStore – New Version 10.2.0

This version includes important fixes, improvements and additions.

Due to the this being a bug fix version without major features, all members (Premium + Normal) can find this version in their account now.

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FreshStore v10.2 Updates

  1. Improved XML Sitemap Creation
    Members with bigger stores had problems creating the XML sitemap. We reworked this code and it’s now working flawlessly.

  2. Google Analytics Popup Issue
    Some members had a problem getting Google Analytics setup and showing on their store FreshAdmin area. This is now fixed and working.
  3. New Store API Documentation!
    Did you know that your stores have a fully-featured API?

    This means you can connect with your other products and services and create cool automation. Check out the Store API documentation here:
  4. Add a Custom Product Option
    Somehow, we didn’t have a link to this feature in your FreshAdmin area. It was only accessible via the search.. but not anymore!
  5. Homepage Slideshow Error
    Some members reported an issue with the homepage slideshow, under certain conditions. This has been tested fully and is working fine again.
  6. Updated URLs in FreshAdmin
    We made the URLs more consistent for Amazon products, eBay products and Custom products. This is more for us to be tidier with the code and structure.
  7. Amazon API Tag Protection
    This is more of a paranoid precaution.. but when it comes to you making commissions, we are always extra safe. We reworked some code to ensure your tag never gets overwritten.
  8. Email Capture on Checkout Defaults to Off
    This feature is one of my favourites, but not every member likes it.. so by default, it is now off.

    If you use the feature, make sure you turn it back on after upgrade.
  9. “Amazon API Tag” renamed
    To make things easier to understand, we are now more consistent with how we name things.

    The “Amazon API Tag” is what is used with your keys but NOT to track your sales. We have changed this everywhere in the store to always be called “Amazon API Tag”
  10. Incorrect Pricing Issue
    The pricing for some products (usually variation products) was sometimes showing incorrectly (e.g. $0.10 instead of $10.00). This is now fully fixed.


As usual, if you are self-hosted pretty please backup your store and database We don’t want you to lose all your hard work!

FreshStore members stores are automatically backed up. All you need to do is click “Upgrade” (or the “Upgrade All” button if you have a lot of stores and want to save time)

After upgrading you must check your API keys and links to make sure everything is working fine and the right Amazon Tag is being used for your links. Simply click on a product buy button and check the URL.

We have turned off the email capture on checkout feature by default. If you are using this feature, you will need to turn it back on again after upgrading (in your parameters section).

How do I get the new version?

For FreshStore members, simply login to your account and click “Upgrade” or “Upgrade All” next to your stores.

For self-hosted members, you can download the zip file inside your account.


#1944 – Improved process of sitemap creation.
#1946 – Fixed issue with google authentication popup.
#1734 – Updated FSB store API documentation (available here:
#1950 – Added option in FreshAdmin to add a custom product.
#1947 – Homepage Slideshow SQL error fix
#1936 – Updated FreshAdmin URLs for eBay, Amazon and custom products.
#1943 – Added codes not to overwrite API Amazon Tag on upgrades.
#1945 – Improved process of updating Amazon API Tag and checkout emails during upgrades.
#1948 – Added codes to turn OFF email checkout option during upgrades.
#1949 – Changed text from API Amazon Tag to Amazon API Tag.
#1951 – Fixed issue with incorrect pricing for amazon products.

⭐️ Anything Else? ⭐️

Please make sure you read through this post, especially the “Important Info”, and apart from that… enjoy this new version!

The credit and thanks for this version go to my team who are tirelessly working to improve our products and support all of my Fresh Tribe members (that means you!).

If you are not a FreshStore member, use the link below:

FreshStore: Click to join here and double your stores

Thank you for being part of our Fresh Tribe and I hope you enjoy the new version!

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