FreshStore – New Version 9.1.1

FreshStore Version 9 has landed!

This version comes with 4 x BIG new features, a couple of which I am very excited about for my own stores, plus a host of other features and improvements.

FreshStore members and Premium Club members can now find this version in your account. 

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Legacy FreshStore members will get access 1 month from today.

Come on, come one…. what is new?
I have 4 x major feature highlights for this version and roughly 50 features, fixes and improvements in total.

v9.1 Key New Features

  1. New “Bullet Proof” Shopping Cart
    This is my favourite.. we now have a new shopping cart meaning we can finally get the 90 day cookies again! Our previous shopping cart needed the Amazon API, meaning it was unreliable.. but this version is completely standalone making it bulletproof!

    You need to turn this on after upgrading – check the video for details.

  2. Massive Speed Improvements
    Speed is crucial for search engine traffic, conversions, time on site, low bounce rates and ultimately.. sales!

    We made key improvements to backend queries AND frontend rendering, meaning stores now load fully in less than 2 seconds consistently.

    Note that we strongly recommend using FreshStore for the fastest possible stores.

  3. New Checkout “Email Grabber”
    This is something I have wanted for a while.. and it’s finally here. You can now grab your visitors email addresses before sending them off to Amazon and eBay.

    Why is this key? Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get attention and sales in 2019. It’s a no brainer to capture your interested visitors at this point, as they are expecting this anyway during checkout.

    This is enabled by default, and can be turned off (or fine tuned) in settings.

  4. Improved “Adding Products” for Amazon
    We still recommend using the “Add Products by ASIN” method, please see the video for details. But we have improved the add products page to allow a quick retry when there is throttling, and to add your products to a queue if they fail to quick add.

    Check out the video for full details.

v9.1 Honourable Mentions!
These features and fixes are well worth noting here 🙂

  • Search for your FreshAdmin area
  • New Google Microdata added and prices fixed – SEO boost!
  • Store settings page layout improvement
  • FreshAdmin dashboard improvements
  • Improved throttling and messages
  • Amazon API Report Improvements
  • New Contact Form Messages Section
  • Search option for template text
  • Pinterest posting feature fixed
  • Upgrade All button the template page
  • Upload a template via zip file
  • New Add Products Queue page

See the video for more details on the above.

As usual, if you are self hosted pretty please backup your store and database 

We don’t want you to lose all your hard work!

FreshStore members stores are automatically backed up. All you need to do is click “Upgrade” (or the “Upgrade All” button if you have a lot of stores and want to save time)

The new Email Capture feature is turned on by default. If you don’t want this, you can turn off in settings.

The new Amazon Cart feature is turned off by default. If you want to enable this (I strongly recommend you do), then you can do so via settings.

If you have questions on the Amazon API changes, please make sure you watch this video first.

Note that the store licensing was turned back on recently. Please check this announcement if you haven’t done already.


1780 – Recreate the shopping cart so that it doesn’t use the API.
1778 – Update the “Find Products” feature to allow retrying and show the errors
1828 – Add an email capture form during checkout and “buy now” links
1798 – Add a search to FreshAdmin
1781 – Fix Google Microdata issues and add extra data
1779 – Change the Store Settings page to be more user friendly
1783 – FreshAdmin Dashboard Page Improvements
1787 – Make the throttling messages less “scary”!
1808 – Changes to the Amazon API Reports
1788 – A new way to send messages via the contact form
1789 – Add a search option to the Template Text feature
1805 – Test the Pinterest Posting feature
1825 – Add an “Upgrade All” button to the template page
1829 – Ability to upload a template zip file in the admin area
1834 – Add a “Add Products Queue” page + improvements
1785 – Check over the FreshAdmin area with UI designer
1786 – In “Edit Product” the selected category is wrong
1792 – Issues with templates and upgrading
1794 – Buy at Amazon -Open in New Window
1795 – Dashboard Products Number
1796 – logo is only showing on the homepage
1799 – Issue with template upgrades & Conversion pro image
1803 – Bugs with Manufacturers section in freshadmin
1804 – Fix or remove the Facebook Posting feature
1806 – Check Recaptcha v2 vs v3
1807 – The “Amazon Clicks” aren’t showing correctly on the dashboard chart
1809 – Export Email Subscribers
1811 – Fix issues with “Add Product Queue” not adding products in the background
1812 – Issues with Uploading images in TinyMCE
1815 – Some products not showing as “expired”
1814 – Allow changing development mode and debug modes in freshadmin
1816 – Change the freshadmin links to products (on the store and on amazon) to be in a new tab
1818 – Pagination options not showing on category pages
1819 – Pagination not working correctly on Email Report
1820 – Change the Spin Rewriter offer text
1821 – In the “Find Products”, show the main product image from the Amazon API
1822 – Pagination not working on “Recent Products List”
1824 – Auto clean up the database tables
1827 – Optimise the eBay tables with indexes
1830 – On store settings page under “Other”, the parameters have no details
1831 – Change this text on the store license page
1832 – Ensure the eBay products and Amazon products have the same layout in all templates
1833 – Translation Text item 280 not showing on the store
1835 – Make default settings for API requests and set them automatically in this version
1838 – Check Small Issue When Adding Categories
1839 – Product content is being overwritten
1843 – Bug When Editing Images Uploaded
1780 – Fixed the shopping cart issue.
1785 – Updated page designs of freshadmin.
1846 – Fixed recaptcha v3 issue.
1847 – Fixed datepicker in FreshAdmin.
1848 – Optimised eBay product table.

⭐️ Anything Else? ⭐️
Please make sure you read through this post, especially the “Important Info”, and apart from that… enjoy this new version!

The credit and thanks for this version goes to my team who are tirelessly working to improve our products and support all of my Fresh Tribe members (that means you!).

If you are not yet part of the Premium Club or FreshStore, use the links below:

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Thank you for being part of our Fresh Tribe and we hope you enjoy the new version! 

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