New Version – FreshStore v2.5.0

Version v2.5.0 is now released – 13th December 2011.
This release includes some great new features, a lot of bug fixes and tweaks. With this version we officially support the Amazon Spain and Amazon China locales. Read on for the full release notes.


We have added a secondary text field to all pages. This means that the position of your existing text may change in your site – please check your sites thoroughly after upgrading, particularly the home page, to ensure the sites look as you expect.

New Features

  • Added unlock/lock feature to freshadmin product listing
  • Added unlock/lock all feature to freshadmin
  • Added parameter to turn off WYSIWYG editor
  • Added generate all content feature
  • Added link rel=”prev” and rel=”next” for SEO purposes
  • RSS Feeds added to the head (StalfoShop template)
  • Now automatically cleans old messages
  • Added Shipping Info to StalfoShop basket page
  • Added a secondary description to all “pages” on all templates. Fixed some pages not showing content.
  • Now adds Meta NoIndex to pages when filter options set (prevent duplication)
  • Now adds Meta NoIndex to pages when sort order or qty per page is different to the default (prevent duplication)
  • Added “add more” link to “Add Multiple Product ASINs” results page
  • Optimised Canonical Links for products in >1 categories
  • Added icons and images for all locales (Amazon logos etc.)
  • Updated Search Indexes for ES and CN locales
  • Added Locale
  • Added Locale
  • Added Secure Payments image to StalfoShop template
  • Improved Product Finder results screen
  • Improved the “Force Populate” page to feedback on which search results page is being shown

Bugs Bashed

  • YouTube code fix for WYSIWYG editor
  • Admin Parameter wording correction
  • ClassicColoured CSS Fix for Category Titles
  • Fixed the content showing on Bestsellers and Specialoffers pages (all templates)
  • Removed duplicate RSS icons in ModernShop
  • Fixed 100s of messages bug with no ASIN as reference
  • Fixed $0.00 prices and price sorting issues for variation products
  • Fixed variation products not showing in search results
  • Fixed permissions for Image Upload problem
  • Fixed permissions in install/upgrade script
  • Fixed product finder results image skewing display
  • Fixed bug with autopopulate and keyword filtering
  • Fixed duplicate title and meta description for all category pages
  • Fixed SQL error on filtered products page
  • Fixed missing page_previousnext.php in Classic Coloured template
  • Fixed Stalfoshop slider bug
  • Fixed bug with getting all product images
  • Category image upload bug fix

Download the new version in your FreshStore Account.

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