New Version – FreshStore v2.6.2

Version 2.6.2 is now released – 8th May 2012.
This is mainly a bug fix release for version 2.6 but we have also included a few nice features.
Read on for the full release notes and instructions for downloading.


With this version we have introduced a “Quick Update” package for premium members as a separate download. This package includes only the files that have been changed so uploading the upgrade is much quicker and your stores will be updated in no time.
As always, take a full backup of files and database before upgrading.

New Features

  • Product Limit For Autopopulate Settings
  • Sitemaps In Their Own Directory
  • Temporary Newsletter Subscriber List And Export

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed Amazon Library 500 Server Error
  • Fixed ‘Add To Cart’ and ‘Buy It Now’ Display Bug (All Templates)
  • Fixed Downloadable Product Bug
  • Fixed Search Result Child Product Bug
  • Fixed SQL Injection In Reset Link Vulnerbility
  • Fixed Header Display Issue (Classiccoloured)
  • Fixed Autopopulate Without Category Bug
  • Fixed Missing Directory Messages
  • Fixed Hidden Manufacturer Pagename Bug
  • Fixed Autopopulate Image Count Filter Bug
  • Fixed AllowOverride .htaccess Bug
  • Fixed Stalfoshop Product Count Bug
  • Fixed Missing Product Option Offer Bug

Download the new version in your FreshStore Account. Premium Members will have an extra link for the “Quick Update” package.

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