FreshStore Update – New Features and Fixes (v1.10)

We are happy to announce that our team has been diligently working on several improvements and new features, all of which are now live in your stores. Our objective is always to enhance your experience and provide the tools you need to manage your online stores more effectively.

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New Features

Disable Merchants You now have the flexibility to disable specific merchants like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and/or AliExpress from your store. You can do this simply by navigating to “Offer Settings” in your admin dashboard.

Canonical Links for SEO To improve your store’s SEO, we’ve added canonical links to all pages. This should make your store even more Google-friendly.

Disabling Your Store We’ve made a change that allows you to browse your store while it’s disabled, provided you’re logged in as an admin.

XML Sitemap All stores now have an XML sitemap. This feature will enable you to submit your site structure to Google, helping improve your store’s search engine visibility.

Fixes & Improvements

Uploading Images We’ve identified and resolved an intermittent bug that was causing issues with uploading logos, Hero images, etc. This functionality should now work seamlessly.

Homepage content now enabled by default: To enhance the user experience, the content on the homepage of your store will now automatically be enabled by default, providing a more enriched and informative landing page for your visitors.

Descriptive images: In an effort to improve clarity, all images in your admin area will now include a description and size recommendation.

Performance improvement of the Offer Importer: We’ve streamlined the Offer Importer, enhancing its performance to ensure a smoother, faster import process, which should significantly reduce the time it takes to populate your store with products.

Fixed www and non-www transition: We’ve rectified an issue that arose when changing a store from www to non-www format (and vice versa), ensuring a smooth and error-free transition between these two formats.

Disabled menu items hidden: Menu items that have been disabled, such as Categories, Articles, etc., will no longer appear in your store’s navigation.

Admin bar status display: The admin bar will now display the status of the current page, whether it’s enabled or disabled, providing a clear, at-a-glance understanding of your page’s status.

Improved redirect section descriptions: We’ve enhanced the descriptions in the redirect section, providing more straightforward, more precise information to help you manage and understand your redirects more effectively.

Sun logo icon fixed: The issue with the Sun logo icon has been resolved, ensuring it now displays correctly across all pages and platforms.

Disabled unavailable offers: We have disabled offers that are no longer available from the merchant, ensuring that your store only displays current, available products.

Excluded system traffic from analytics reports: To provide you with more accurate data, we’ve ensured that system traffic is now excluded from your analytics reports, giving you a clearer picture of actual visitor traffic and engagement.

We Love Your Feedback!

We’re sincerely grateful for all your feedback, suggestions, and feature requests. Most of these updates are directly based on your input, which is invaluable in helping us enhance FreshStore to better suit your needs.

Our commitment to continuously updating and improving FreshStore remains strong. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep creating and expanding your stores!

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