FreshStore Update – New Features and Fixes (v1.11)

We are excited to announce that a new update has just been rolled out to all your stores. This update comes with a host of new features and bug fixes designed to enhance your experience and give you more control over your online store.

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New Features

New content editor with more options: We’ve introduced a new content editor, which comes with a variety of features to make your content management more manageable and more versatile.

HTML editing: You can now add and edit HTML directly in the editor.

Image uploads: The ability to upload images has been expanded to all content areas, offering greater flexibility in content design.

Floating toolbar: The new editor comes with a floating toolbar that makes content editing more convenient.

Additional text formatting options: You now have more control over your text with the ability to adjust text size, underline text, highlight text, and more.

Custom ads.txt for Google Adsense: You can now add your own ads.txt file to your store, a feature particularly useful if you’re using Google Adsense.

Custom HTML addition: This update allows you to add custom HTML to your store, giving you more control over its layout and design.

Smart 404 page: Our new smart 404 page shows matching products when a visitor lands on a broken or non-existing page, creating a better user experience.

Extra Affiliate Disclosure: To improve transparency with your customers, we’ve added extra affiliate disclosures on the Product Info Page and in the header (the latter is disabled by default).

Fixes & Improvements

Slow offer updating and importing: We’ve addressed issues causing slow offer updating and importing, ensuring a smoother, faster process.

Homepage featured categories duplicating: The bug causing the duplication of featured categories on the homepage has been fixed.

Disabling a page removes it from footer links: When you disable a page, it will now be automatically removed from the footer links.

Toggling article enabled/disabled now fixed: We’ve resolved the issue that was hindering the toggling of the article enable/disable status.

Category builder issues: Various issues encountered in the category builder have been addressed and resolved.

We’re All Ears!

We just want to say a huge thanks for all your feedback, ideas, and feature requests. Many of the updates we’ve made are actually your ideas, and they’ve helped us shape FreshStore to fit your needs.

We’re not stopping here, though! We’re always looking to make FreshStore better and better. So, keep that feedback coming, and we will keep on implementing it.

Keep on building those stores, and watch this space for more updates!

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