Hit by the Panda/Farmer update? Find out how to recover..

When google changes their algorithm there are always changes to website positions and hence a lot of debate. The key is not to panic – a lot of bad advice is thrown around and often what to do is simpler than you think…

Hit by the Farmer/Panda update
Google will actually change their algorithm regularly and rather than try to keep up to date on what/when/where/how it is better to practice (and continue to practice) a good, solid SEO strategy.
In our private forums one of our users Matt provided some great advice on what to do should you find yourself lower in the results than you once where, after the Panda/Farmer update. I can’t say this any better, so in Matts words:

Hey gang…
First post on the forum here, just bought FSB earlier today. Looks like a real high quality product!
I’m an SEO junkie – even have an SEO book I wrote for sale on Amazon…
The only thing you guys / gals need to do to ensure you get your rankings back is build more links. I imagine many of you had keyword rich domains and were probably getting rankings based on this as well as on the site structure. This consists of keyword rich categories and also product names in the title tag, meta tag and URL. All of these are great on-site factors for helping with rankings…
If you haven’t been building links then the panda update will most definitely spank your sites :)!
The people in here that have been building links to their site have probably not had the same dropoff, the founder of FSB has eluded to this…
Also, if you are building links, and haven’t really built many links in the past, then it is entirely possible that Google will “fluctuate” your site. aka – the “google dance”.
When this happens don’t change anything… just continue building links and moving forward, trust me when I say this, in time you will be rewarded!
The biggest factor (besides building links) is age (patience)! Google will not reward sites that are brand new with rankings for competitive KW’s. They want to make sure they are giving their customers (searchers) the absolute best results when they put in a KW. Because of this you have to have links “voting” for your site so Google knows yours is the best! Time will help and being consistent pays off in the long run.
I haven’t built my first FSB site yet, but from building other sites and consulting with clients consistent link building efforts is what really helps.
Add value to your site as well, for example, I have a health / supplement review site and I created a resource page that links to authority sites in that niche as well as competing sites. I also created an ingredients database that lists all the products I review, has the full list of ingredients inside the product and lastly has a list with a definition of each ingredient.
Add value to the marketplace and build links…
Hope that helps “clear things up” for anyone who is frustrated because their site is bouncing around in Google.

If you need any clarification on this, or want advice on your particular problem just comment below!

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