Is Link-Building Still A Good Thing?

In the past, link-building was an important factor for a website to rank well in the search engines. Links back to a site provided strong signals that the site was relevant and popular. However, is that still true today?
Is Link-building Still Good - FSB
Years ago, this tactic was over-used by marketers who built hundreds and even thousands of backlinks. They had some results, but they were short lived. In 2012, Google released its Penguin algorithm update, which targeted those sites with an ‘unnatural amount of links.
Does this mean that link building is all but dead today? Far from it!

Genuine Content Driven Link Building Is Still Effective

Links to a website are still strong signals and it allows the search engines to find your Amazon affiliate site and index it. Internal links also provide navigation within the site. So link-building should never be ignored.
The emphasis for any content marketer is now to create quality content and then build links to that from other relevant high-quality sites. Natural link profiles win over spammy ones.
It can be said that, when it comes to link building, less is more. In other words, ten high-quality relevant links to high quality content is far more valuable than 1000 blog comment links.

How To Build Genuine Links With Content?

It’s much easier to build links to your site when you have high-quality content. One important factor is that any content posted should be relevant, interesting and pretty unique.
The best kind of content is classified as “evergreen” (e.g. information that doesn’t go out of date, so in years to come it is still relevant). That means you’ll still have content on your site that is worth linking to.
What kind of content is good? People love getting solutions to their problems. Here are some great themes for evergreen content:

  • How to …
  • 10 tips to …
  • How to get rid of …
  • FAQ on …
  • 5 ways to …

These types of articles and blog posts will entice others to link back to you. Remember that Google wants content on the internet to be relevant and unique.
Recently Google stated on its Webmasters Guidelines that unique, relevant content should naturally gain popularity. The more useful the content you post, then the higher the chances that someone will find it and link to it.
So the bottom line is . . . link-building today continues to play an important role in ranking on the search engines. The emphasis is now on producing great quality content that visitors will naturally want to link to.

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