Paid vs Free Traffic: Which Is Better For Your Amazon Store Blog

You have your Amazon store blog set up and you’re publishing great optimized content. So now you may be wondering, “How do I get eyes on my posts and the products in my Amazon affiliate store?”  Hopefully this will help …

traffic arrowsPaid Traffic vs Free Traffic

Paid and free traffic … they both have merits. But what you ultimately choose depends on your particular circumstance.
In a nutshell, paid traffic offers quick results. And there are tons of places you can purchase traffic – in the form of advertising. However, utilizing paid traffic methods can be quite expensive if you’re unsure how to precisely target that traffic. Without the right know-how, you can end up spending way more than you intended.
If you’re just starting out or have a very limited budget, then opting to tap into free traffic sources may be the way to go. But “free” traffic is not exactly free. That’s because you have to spend your TIME, rather than spending your cash, to get it. Note:  Even if you have much more time than money, you still want to strike a balance and streamline your efforts in search of free traffic.

Benefits of Tapping Into Free Traffic Sources

Here are a couple of benefits of tapping into free traffic sources for your Amazon affiliate store blog:
#1:  You Can Cultivate Relationships. People prefer to buy from someone they know, like, and trust. And social media sites are a great way for people to connect with you and your business and feel like they actually know you. They can relate to the posts, videos, and pictures that you share.
#2:  You Have Room To Experiment.  Another benefit of free traffic as opposed to paid traffic is that you can experiment more readily with free sources of traffic, like blog commenting, forums and questions sites.

For Example: Do you think the people who visit RV (recreational vehicle) forums might be interested in your cat scratchers for small spaces? It might seem like a stretch but avid RV-ers tend to take their pets with them! And living in close quarters, these folks are highly targeted to your product offering.

The bottom line is that posting on forums and getting to know the people there, can eventually lead to visits to your Amazon blog … a source of customers you might not have found otherwise.

Will You Choose Paid or Free Traffic Methods To Start?

Obviously if you already know how to mount successful ad campaigns and have the budget for it, then go for it! But for the rest … with various free traffic methods, you can spend time testing, tweaking, finding new sources, trying new approaches, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Throw in a dash of creativity, and your results could be quite rewarding.

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