Social Media Marketing: 6 Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out

When it comes to social media marketing, attempting to stand out in the vast crowd of small businesses and big brands, may seem like a daunting task. With well over a billion active users on just Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, alone, more and more marketers are seeking ways to tap into these rapidly growing platforms. So how can you set your Amazon affiliate business apart from the rest?

6 Ways To Stand Out In Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social Media Marketing - Stand OutTo be sure, there are loads of social media users whose interests fall within your particular niche. You just have to find them and “engage” with them. Here are six ways to capture their attentions and build an audience . . .

#1: Focus On Valuable Content. It’s tempting to use your contact with potential customers to just push products. However, doing that is short-sighted. What will make you stand out is if you take time to post informative and useful information. And since people enjoy being entertained, sharing something amusing (in good taste, of course) is bound to lead to more shares and increase your audience.

#2: Join in the Conversation. Make it a practice to always reply to comments that people post on your social media accounts. Do this even if it is to say, “thanks for posting!” This shows your followers that you care about what they had to say. And when it comes to questions, compose well thought-out responses before you reply.

#3: Use Images & Videos. If you’re on Facebook and you scroll down a timeline, what catches your eye the most? It’s more likely the images and videos rather than the long lines of text, right? So take the time to use imagery to inform and/or entertain. Even text can be made into a branded eye-catching infographic or even a short video that will increase the chance of it getting viewed and shared. Check out our Facebook page for inspiration.

#4: Be Consistent With Posting. It’s really important to post content (or tweet) regularly. But beware: posting too frequently can cause people to stop following you. So get to know your audience and see how other businesses are successfully posting. Special Note: Each social media platform has its own specifics. For example, people don’t like a string of Instagram pictures from the same person. However, posts to Facebook can be done regularly and tweets can be done even more often.

#5: Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Variety of Social Media Platforms. If it’s appropriate for your particular niche, you’d be wise to use a couple of different social media platforms. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (especially if your niche has a lot of visually appealing imagery). So do some research to determine where your audiences are and then post relevant information.

How To Know If Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Are Working?

#6: Stay on Top of Analytics and Stats. To know what works and what doesn’t, you need some kind of benchmarks. Most social media platforms allow you to view stats of your posts (e.g., how many people reached, how many have re-shared, new likes or tweets, etc.) When you know what’s working for you, you can then focus your efforts on those types of posts.

As an Amazon affiliate marketer, following these tips will help strengthen your social media marketing efforts as you capture the attentions of your target audience, make lasting impressions, and ultimately build your customer base.

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