4 Secrets of Long-Term Amazon Affiliate Success

When it comes to long-term Amazon affiliate success, did you know that there’s a special formula you can tap into?  Whether you have an Amazon affiliate review site or store, mastering these 4Ps can put you on the road to reaping the rewards of a thriving business . . .

#1: Planning (As in . . . Knowing Your Game Plan)

Plan Your RouteWhat’s your plan to generate commissions on Amazon products over the long-haul? Is it to build a product review site or set up an Amazon store? In either case, you need to outline the steps necessary to accomplish your goals.

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#2: Practice (As In … Doing It)

No one ever gets good at something unless they practice. So what does this mean when it comes to your Amazon affiliate business? It simply means that you need to do what you know to do: from getting those product descriptions, blog posts and emails written . . . to driving traffic and interacting with potential customers.
You don’t have to wait until you’ve learned everything to begin. Start where you are and practice what you already know to do. You’ll start to get better and better at everything you do in your business. You’ll get better at generating new leads. You’ll get better at building and emailing your list. You’ll get better at growing your blog and interacting with visitors (and turning them into customers!)

#3: Persistence (As In … Keeping At It)

Did you know that consistent practice leads to persistence? Getting into a habit of practicing every work day will lead to the habit of persistence. And persistence is what helps you stick it out and keep going when things seem to be moving slowly.  To that point, here is a screenshot shared by a FreshStore member:
TThayer-FSB earnings screenshot

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When you’re already in the habit of practice and are persistently working away on your Amazon affiliate business, you will see results, even if they aren’t apparent right away. The key is to stick with the plan, keep practicing what you’ve set out to do and become persistent. Sticking with it will create traction, momentum and ultimately keep you moving in the right direction.

#4: Patience (As in . . . Accepting the Process and Not Giving Up)

As time goes by, and you’re sticking to your plan, something remarkable starts to happen: not only are you getting much better at what you do, and seeing incremental results, you are also developing “patience.” And patience is at the heart of any long-term business success.
Your patience along with the right efforts will start to pay off … you are attracting a bigger audience, building a great customer base and most importantly, generating real revenue.

Planning . . . Practice … Persistence … Patience …

Put in the work that needs to be done to reach new customers, create new content, find new advertising options and fine-tune your SEO and social media strategies. Practice leads to persistence that leads to patience which ultimately leads to long-term Amazon affiliate success.

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