FreshStore Update – Features and Fixes (v1.17)

We are thrilled to announce the release of FreshStore v1.17!

Our team has been taking notes on all your suggestions and creative ideas to keep pushing FreshStore forward.

ℹ️ Check out this post in our dedicated Facebook Group to discuss the new version with other members. If you are not yet a FreshStore member check out the FreshStore website for more info.

Your stores have already been upgraded with these new changes. Let’s explore what’s new:

⭐️ New Features

We have focused on much-requested article features and more control over your homepage for this version. You can also find more options for finer control over your stores.

  • Embed Products into Articles: Immerse your readers with auto-updating product embeds directly within your articles.
  • Previous and Next Buttons for Articles in Categories: Navigate smoothly between articles in any category.
  • Featured Articles Section on the Homepage: Put the spotlight on your top content right on your homepage.
  • Featured Products Improved: Enhanced automatic selection to display top-notch products on your homepage.
  • Customize Homepage Content: Personalize with custom Products, Articles, and Categories.
  • Change the Store Icon (Favicon): Add a unique flair to your store’s appearance with a tailored icon.
  • SEO-Optimized User-Entered Slugs: Boost your SEO with automatic optimization.
  • Increased Content Field Sizes: More room for creativity in Articles, Products, Categories, and more.
  • Cleaner Analytics Reports: Admin Users and CDN are now excluded for purer insights.
  • Collapsible Admin Sidebar: Improved admin experience, especially on smaller screens.
  • More Control over Reviews and eBay Auctions: Display options for product reviews and eBay related auctions.
  • AI Content Generation Control for New Products: You decide if AI assists in content creation.
  • New Options for Merchant Search Button: Enhanced flexibility when a product has no offers (e.g., Amazon, eBay).


Quality is at the core of everything we do at FreshStore. In this version, we’ve worked meticulously to address the issues and enhance existing features. From improving stability to optimizing user experience, we’ve made a series of updates that you’ll love.

  • Fixed Importer Issues with CSV: Importing CSV created with Excel or in plain text is now working.
  • Fixed Race Condition Error on Product Slug: Enhanced stability.
  • Improved Redirecting from Old Slugs: Fewer 404s by smartly redirecting from old slugs.
  • Fixed Sporadic Directory Permission Error: Solved sporadic directory errors.
  • Fixed Sporadic Install Error Related to Users and Permissions: Ensured smooth installations.
  • Optimized eBay Auction Updating: Faster and more efficient eBay updates.
  • Articles Ordered by Published Date: More logical ordering in categories, etc.
  • Notice about Missing Etsy Images on Offer Search: Added user-friendly notice.
  • XML Sitemap Created During Install & CDN Cache Cleared After Changes: Improved sitemap management.
  • Fixed Google Schema Issues for Products Without Offer or Price: Resolved schema errors.
  • Disabled Products No Longer Show in Lists, Search, etc.: Better product management.
  • Improved Admin Area Layout to Accommodate Help Icon: Enhanced layout.
  • Fixed Issue with Blank Slug for New Categories, Brands, etc.: No more problems with blank slugs.
  • Top Navigation Auto-Hides Empty Sections: A cleaner look by hiding sections without items (e.g., brands).

🗣️ We Love Your Feedback

Most of our new features come from great ideas by members like you.

We can’t wait to hear your latest ideas. Share your feedback, ideas, and thoughts with us, and let’s keep building an even better FreshStore experience together.

😎 Your Stores are Upgraded

Your stores have already been upgraded with these new features. We’re excited for you to explore and make the most of these fresh updates and enhancements.

Remember, we’re more than a platform; we’re a community. Together, we’re shaping the vibrant future of affiliate stores.

Dive into the new version, and keep growing your stores with passion! 🎉

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