The Best Way to Populate Your Affiliate Store

Starting a new affiliate store with FreshStore? Hold on… don’t make this common mistake that can damage your store’s earning potential!

If you’re thinking of populating your store with as many products as you can, it’s time to reconsider.

Adding products to your FreshStore affiliate store might seem like a straightforward task, but there’s a strategy involved. Starting small not only enhances your SEO but also optimizes conversions and makes managing your store easier.

Here’s everything you need to know about populating your FreshStore for success.

Why Start Small with Your FreshStore?

There are three significant reasons to initiate your store with minimum products:

  1. It’s Good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Google likes to see a new store grow gradually. Populating your store with thousands of products from the get-go will look suspicious, and many of these pages won’t get indexed.
  2. It’s Good for Conversions and Sales
    Offering visitors too many choices can overwhelm them, causing them to leave your store and killing your conversions.
  3. It’s Easier to Manage Your Store
    Understanding your niche and knowing which products generate sales is crucial. Starting small minimizes the chance of creating duplicate products, making store management more straightforward.

What If You Already Have Too Many Products?

No problem! You can easily delete products from your store and start populating again. Simply clear down your products in bulk from the product list, revisit your categories, and follow the proper guidelines.

Remember to clear your cache after deleting a lot of products so that Google will see the changes immediately.

Can You Grow Your Store Later?

Absolutely! It’s a smart strategy to grow your store by adding new categories and products over time, provided you do it slowly and stay in control. When adding products, consider removing those that are out of date or not performing.

The key is learning your niche and adding new categories based on what your visitors desire.

Watch Our Strategy Video

If you’re keen on learning the step-by-step process, don’t miss our video guide: “The BIGGEST mistake people make when populating their store”. It will show you the best practices to populate your store, emphasizing why it’s vital to keep it small initially.

This video will go through all the points in this post and share more secrets to populating your store for success:

Remember, a thriving affiliate store doesn’t happen overnight. But with patience, planning, and using the correct strategy, your FreshStore can flourish into a successful online business.

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