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This new version of FreshStore is now available to all FreshStore members.

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What has changed?

Watch this video to see all the important changes and get an insight on the key features of FreshStore:

FreshStore v10.4 Features & Fixes

There are over 160 fixes and additions in this version! Here are just 5 highlights:

  1. Checkout and Commissions Report
    The recording of checkouts and actions of your customers has been improved, meaning you can now see exactly what is going on from your dashboard. If you want more detail, check out the full Checkouts Report.
  2. eBay Features and Fixes
    We had some lingering issues with eBay prices which are now fully resolved. We have improved everything including caching, images, the information shown and the automatic related product matching.
  3. Custom Product Features and Fixes
    Custom Products had some issues with uploaded images. These are fully fixed and now the Custom Products are showing in all areas – Best Sellers, Special Offers, Searches and more.,
  4. Improved Google Analytics Integration
    The Google Analytics integration was a little bit confusing. We have reworked that, made it more reliable and will be publishing a new training guide to help you with it.
  5. BIG Focus on Making Everything Easier
    We made over 160 changes to vastly improve your store dashboard, make it easier to do things and generally improve your experience with FreshStore. Check out the full list below!


FreshStore members stores are automatically backed up. All you need to do is click “Upgrade” (or the “Upgrade All” button if you have a lot of stores and want to save time)

After upgrading you should check your API keys and links to make sure everything is working fine and the right Amazon Tag is being used for your links. Simply click on a product buy button and check the URL.

After about a week, we will be automatically upgrading all your stores. This is so that we can make sure you are getting the most commissions possible and the maximum benefit from your stores.

How do I get the new version?

For FreshStore members, simply login to your account and click “Upgrade” or “Upgrade All” next to your stores.


2027 - Amazon Populate Issue with Browsenodes
2033 - Filter option shows only on category page. Setting doesn't seem to be saved
2038 - Queue Run product arrangement
2041 - Conversion Pro- load example data
2043 - Fix the version compare in template admin page
2048 - Generate Content on Edit Product Screen
2049 - Issue with creating custom links
2050 - Test Google Analytics
2052 - Check that buttons and text can be changed properly
2054 - Remove debug output on "View Categories" page in freshadmin and fix product counts
2055 - Check issues with email checkout
2059 - Bug in - Homepage layout - Homepage Special Offers Products will not display Ebay products properly
2061 - Price "array" bug in eBay products
2062 - JS error when fetching text to change language on change store text
2063 - Further issues with eBay Prices
2064 - Custom related products causes an error
2067 - Check for cached affiliate link tags.. they should never cache
2068 - Check the template refresh status during install/upgrade
2069 - Images missing from eBay products in homepage special offers widget
2070 - Issue with eBay Prices and currency conversion
2074 - Possible SQL Injection Vulnerability
2075 - Default Image Issue on Custom Products
2095 - Search index missing from Category AutoPopulate
2100 - Issue with not allowing templates to be selected because they are "out of date"
2111 - Layout Issue on Product Listing in Fluid Enhanced
2112 - Product Filter Optons aren't showing correctly
2115 - Test and Fix Custom Product Images
2116 - Fix Conversion Pro Widgets Default Text Errors
2121 - Other languages are not showing in template options
2122 - Check for and fix duplicates in template text entries in the database
2126 - Fix Amazon Link Redirecting issue
2149 - Fix issues in the eBay product add ajax function
2150 - Bug with eBay Cache not deleting according to the parameter
2151 - eBay background updater not obeying cache time
2152 - Potential bug with custom products being removed from categories
2154 - Adding Amazon Products from the admin area product finder sometimes causes icon to keep spinning
2155 - Category count is incorrect for empty categories
2156 - Fix the locale for default redirect of Amazon when no product exists
2158 - Fix duplicated Amazon buy now link clicks in reports
2160 - PHP Notice errors on eBay product info page - missing data?
2165 - Bug with / showing in the template text
2169 - Dashboard Layout Issue
2170 - But with images on custom products page
2172 - Test and Fix Related Products in Search
2188 - Test and fix the bundle images
2198 - Collation issue with manufacturer when updating a product
2199 - Bugs with Front End Edit in Place
2200 - Fix background product updating
2201 - Improving the expired status and background product updating
2042 - refresh_setting parameter can still be searched for
2032 - Manufacturer list not displaying as per the setting
2055 - Add a default redirect affiliate link for eBay
2057 - Auto Clear Cache or Show a Warning
2066 - Debug - Product XML Feature Not Working
2073 - Add more error checking to changing the store URL in parameters
2078 - Test and fix up the Quick Setup
2082 - Improvements to messages and notifications
2083 - Change the left menu layout
2084 - Update the parameter names, text and links
2088 - Improve the Health Warnings section
2091 - Improve Dashboard Info and Layout
2094 - Improve the layout of the Amazon product finder results page
2096 - Optimize the eBay API Calls
2101 - Update the Persistent Shopping Cart feature
2103 - Test and improve the email exit popup feature
2105 - Merge the setting for Amazon buy links and default to open in a new tab
2106 - Turn on Cookie Consent Feature by Default
2107 - Turn On Shopping Cart by Default
2110 - Record eBay Calls to the Database
2120 - Optimize the breadcrumb navigation for eBay and Custom products
2124 - Improve find eBay products listing page in admin
2142 - Make developer mode stop eBay caching
2143 - Remove any abbreviations from template text and make them descriptive
2147 - When template text is refreshed, sync the custom values across the templates
2148 - Show nice template name in the language section in freshadmin
2157 - Change eBay Related Products links to be tracked and forwarded
2166 - Improve the Customer Reviews Feature
2167 - Add store health warning for Google Recaptcha
2168 - Improve the paragraph text style on Fluid Enhanced
2171 - Merge the sideboxes left menu links into one
2173 - Remove the "Quick Store Setup" popup
2174 - Better help description on Amazon Keys page
2175 - Add Google Analytics to the Store Health
2179 - Improve the checkout/clicks/orders report
2180 - Add product view counts for all product types
2181 - Stop deleting the tracking and checkout information on store databases automatically
2183 - Set the default status of custom and ebay products to not hidden
2184 - Improve the eBay Products Admin List
2185 - Improve the Custom Products Admin List
2186 - Improve the Bundle Products Admin List
2187 - Improve the Amazon Products Admin List
2191 - Improve the checkout/clicks/orders export feature
2195 - Fix the country redirect feature db URL and enable by default
2203 - Allow assigning Custom Products as "Special Offers"
2204 - Add upgrade/version details to admin area
2009 - Make sure all text on the page is in the text translation feature
2046 - Store API Improvements
2047 - Look into Amazon Reviews on Product Info pages
2077 - Change and fix links to training guides + change naming to FreshStore
2079 - Improve the Extended Login Time logic
2092 - Remove Best Spinner completely
2093 - Add Developer Debug to the Admin Area
2108 - Replace all parameter DB searches with the constants
2117 - Make Template Text available to Template Options on template change
2119 - Optimize the homepage slideshow products & defaults
2128 - Optimise the store health checks for Amazon and eBay
2129 - Test the eBay Caching
2130 - Refactor formatProductPriceNoSymbol
2133 - Limit the eBay calls on finding related products
2134 - Audit the templates for more Template Options to convert to Template Text
2140 - Track all eBay link clicks and make the dashboard report more clear
2145 - Test Bundle Product Pricing and how they are stored
2147 - Refresh template settings when they are activated in admin area
2159 - Restructure the checkout email capture feature to be more reliable
2176 - Disable demo mode
2177 - Stop checking for Template Updates
2182 - Test all the background tasks, database cleanup etc.
2197 - Misc Admin Area Changes from Nihad
2162 - Make sure a log file is created and saved with upgrades and installs on FSI
2212 - Custom product in slider prices incorrect
2213 - Store cache is now cleared on upgrade
2216 - Dashboard Checkout report is not including "eBay Related Click"
2214 - Change "Update Products" cron frequency (hourly)
2215 - Change "Update MaxMind GeoIP data" frequency (24 hours)
2217 - Nofollow the eBay related product links
2237 - Add a link to the "Edit Page" section to open the page in a new tab
2249 - Show a "No Image" image for expired Amazon products when local images is turned on
2242 - Fix a notice error showing for eBay settings
2226 - Notice errors when adding content to the homepage
2243 - eBay products now autogenerate info (e.g. pagename, meta title)
2246 - Category Group Page New Buttons
2245 - Manufacturer image is now chosen more reliably from available products
2228 - Minor notice errors with the logo image
2244 - Fixing error on Manufacturer Images page with manufacturer name
2240 - Improved spacing in left sidebar on Fluid and Fluid Enhanced
2236 - eBay discounted prices will now show correctly
2233 - Improvements to the Product Queue Run
2247 - Ability to add autopopulate when you create a category
2254 - Play icon not showing in paused autopopulates
2255 - Issue with frequency of updating eBay products
2230 - Change the cart page to show individual product price instead of multiplying by quantity
2256 - Fix eBay product layout in product listing
2253 - Redirect store if accessed from the wrong URL
2281 - Redirects stores correctly if URL is capitalized
2273 - Fix pagename conflicts with manufacturers
2282 - Generate better pagenames for Custom Products
2271 - Fixed the URL replacement in images when the URL changes
2048 - Clicking Generate Content now shows a useful error if no content templates are setup
2275 - Automatically setting a Custom Product image as default
2276 - Product Listing Layout Issues
2257 - Tweak Homepage Report for Clicks by Removing Bots and Spiders
2258 - Increase eBay Cache Time
2259 - Limit the checkouts report to 100 lines.
2269 - Allow easily changing the Amazon product search
2268 - Add an "Add Category" button to the category group list page
2262 - Adding links to new guides into categories, sideboxes, internal linking etc.
2266 - When creating a new category, run the autopopulate straight away
2283 - Missing languages (e.g. spanish) from the Template Text feature
2284 - Issue with Contempo Homepage Banners
2286 - Issues with the edit eBay Product Page and category dropdown
2287 - Deleting a custom image from an Amazon product shows a white page
2288 - Error showing when using the "General All" content template option
2261 - Failed API requests not logging correctly
2278 - Fix notice messages in the admin area that weren't showing
2279 - Turn off auto Store Health Checks
2270 - Issue with custom Amazon product images
2291 - Errors showing when a content page tries to show deleted products
2292 - SQL didn't execute properly in 10.4.3

⭐️ Anything Else? ⭐️

Please make sure you read through this post, especially the “Important Info”, and apart from that… enjoy this new version!

The credit and thanks for this version go to my team who are tirelessly working to improve our products and support all of my Fresh Tribe members (that means you!).

If you are not a FreshStore member, use the link below:

FreshStore: Click to join here and double your stores

Thank you for being part of our Fresh Tribe and I hope you enjoy the new version!

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