FreshStore Update – New Features and Fixes (v1.12)

We are happy to announce that your stores have been upgraded with a host of new features and improvements!

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New Features

Content Placement: You now have the capability to add content at both the top and bottom of all pages. This additional flexibility allows you to tailor your page layout to your specific needs and preferences.

Product Search: To facilitate smoother product discovery, a new search feature has been implemented on the store’s front page.

RSS Feeds: We have added product feeds to the existing RSS feeds and introduced a new dedicated section within the ‘Traffic’ area of the admin panel for easy management.

XML Sitemap: We have designed a dedicated XML sitemap management page in the admin area. This new feature comes with customizable settings, allowing you to adjust the number of products, articles, etc. Additionally, you can now manually recreate the sitemap and modify the product method setting. The cache time has been reduced to 12 hours to ensure quicker updates.

Fixes & Improvements

Efficiency Improvements: We have optimized the updating process for offers, eBay auctions, and exact matches to make these operations more efficient.

Default Admin Menu State: To streamline your navigation, admin area menus will now be closed by default.

Visual Import Status: A visual import status has been added to the Offer Importer for a more intuitive user experience.

Article Generation Options: Now, when generating articles, you can enable or disable them upon completion, allowing greater control over your content.

Article Order: Articles will now be displayed in reverse chronological order, ensuring the most recent content is prominently displayed in the footer menu and articles page.

Offer Importer Status: We’ve rectified an issue that prevented the “Imported” status from showing in the Offer Importer.

Locale Selection: We’ve addressed an issue where some countries were not selecting the correct locale.

Pricing Issues: We’ve resolved issues related to pricing for multiple offers and currency conversion.

Same Price Issue: An issue where multiple offers had the same price has been rectified.

Homepage Content: We’ve corrected a whitespace issue on the homepage content when the title is blank.

Disabled Subcategories: We’ve fixed an issue where disabled subcategories were still visible in the top menu.

Your Feedback Matters

We deeply value your thoughts, suggestions, and feature requests. Many of these updates were implemented directly as a result of your input, which has proven instrumental in helping us enhance FreshStore to better suit your needs.

Your active participation is helping us make FreshStore the best it can be, and for that, we are truly grateful. 🤩

We hope you enjoy all the new features and improvements in this latest version. Happy exploring!

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