FreshStore Update – New Features and Fixes (v1.13)

We are excited to share that we have introduced a series of new features and improvements in FreshStore, designed to make your experience even more seamless and enjoyable!

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New Features

Search by ASIN: Enhancing your product searching capabilities, you can now search using Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASIN).

Importer for Categories and Products: Our new feature makes it easier than ever to import your desired categories and products using CSV files.

Colour Options for Homepage Hero Text: Match your homepage hero image better with options for the Hero text colour.

Hide Estimated Offer Prices: Your products will show an estimated price if it doesn’t have an offer for that locale. This option allows you to turn that off.

Main Account Area

Clarification Text on Domain Page: We have made the instructions on the domain page more explicit to facilitate adding domains and subdomains.

Enhanced Domain Validation: We have improved the validation process when adding domains and subdomains to minimize errors.

“Optional” Message on Amazon Settings: We have added an “optional” message to make it clearer which Amazon settings are required and which are not.

Improved Login: Fixed an issue that was causing login issues for email addresses containing special characters like “+”.

Improvements & Fixes

Directory Permissions: We have rectified an intermittent issue with directory permissions, ensuring smoother operations.

Offer Import Status: We have fixed an issue with the Offer Import tool; it now accurately displays the “imported” status.

eBay Auction Updater: Our eBay Auction Updater has been enhanced for more efficient operation.

Product Pricing: We’ve corrected an issue, ensuring that product pricing accurately reflects changes when the locale is modified.

Colour Scheme for Dark Mode: We have enhanced the colour scheme page for a more visually pleasing experience in dark mode.

Total Product Count: The category list now displays the total product count, including subcategories, for a more detailed overview.

Homepage Content Spacing: We’ve tightened up the spacing around the homepage content for a more appealing layout.

Article and Brand Ordering: Articles and brands in the top and bottom menus now display the newest and most recently updated first, respectively.

SEO Audit for Homepage: We have improved the homepage SEO with a thorough SEO audit that included enhancements to header tags, alt text, etc.

Article Generator Improvements: Our Article Generator has been tweaked to exclude “In Conclusion” content and now creates more concise article slugs.

Min and Max Price in Offer Importer: We’ve fixed an issue with the minimum and maximum price display in the Offer Importer.

Search Result Caching: We’ve resolved a caching issue with search results to ensure you always get the most current information.

Your Feedback Matters

We continually appreciate your suggestions, thoughts, and feature requests. Many of these updates were made possible due to your valuable feedback.

Your participation contributes significantly to making FreshStore the best it can be.

🎉 Thank you! 🎉

We hope you enjoy exploring all these new features and improvements in this latest version. Happy exploring!

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