FreshStore Update – Features, Articles and Fixes (v1.15)

We’re excited to announce the release of FreshStore v1.15, a major update that brings a wealth of new features to your affiliate stores.

We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your valuable feedback and suggestions. We’re grateful for your continued support and are excited to share the details of this new update.

ℹ️ You can discuss this update on this post in our dedicated Facebook Group, and if you are not yet a FreshStore member check out the FreshStore website for more info.

Now brace yourselves, because we’ve got a lot to cover!

⭐️ New Features: General

In v1.15 we added features to improve your SEO, make product management easier, and save you time:

  • All-in-One Product Content Generation: Generate all product content at once with just a single click, simplifying content creation like never before.
  • Fast Product Imports: Say goodbye to lengthy wait times! We’ve revamped our system to expedite product imports.
  • Improved Product Editing: To prevent accidental overwriting, we’ve disabled product editing while AI is generating content.
  • Testimonial Randomization: Testimonial names and text on your homepage are now automaticaly randomized to improve SEO.
  • AI Article Deletion: You can now delete AI articles even while they’re in progress.
  • Refined Walmart Search: We’ve honed our search feature for smoother, more precise Walmart product searches.
  • Offer ID Search on All Merchants: Our offer search now recognizes Offer IDs (e.g., ASIN on Amazon) across all merchant platforms.
  • Product Image Customization: Personalize your product info page by selecting the number of images displayed.

✍️ New Features: Articles

Content is king, and FreshStore v1.16 is the power behind the throne. We’re unveiling several article features designed to help you reach your audience effectively and creatively:

  • Article Categories: Organize your content with our new article categorization feature.
  • All Articles Page Redesign: Experience our refreshed ‘All Articles’ page, designed for an enhanced user experience.
  • Hero Images: Give your articles a visual edge with the new Hero image feature.
  • Social Media Images: Every article can now be paired with its own unique social media image.
  • Article Listing Image: Customize each article with a specific listing image.
  • Listing Image Default: Simplify your workflow by setting a default image for all article listings.
  • Auto Publish Articles: Plan ahead and schedule your articles to be automatically published in the future.
  • Automated Related Articles: Facilitate better navigation with automated related articles linked to each of your pieces.

🛠️ Fixes and Improvements

At FreshStore, we believe there’s always room for improvement. That’s why v1.16 includes an array of enhancements and fixes to deliver a seamless experience:

  • Login and Subdomains: Say goodbye to login issues when using subdomains.
  • AI Chips Display: We’ve resolved an issue with AI Chips showing as expired when exactly 25% remains.
  • AI Chip Allocation: AI Chips are now allocated correctly to the corresponding package.
  • Cache Clearing: To make it easier when adding scripts, cache now auto clears after saving store settings.
  • Database Upgrade: We’ve amplified our database and monitoring systems for improved performance.
  • Daily Maintenance Overhaul: With improved daily maintenance tasks, we’ve made your operations smoother than ever.
  • Contact Form Spam Protection: Thanks to more questions and a better honeypot, spam protection is more robust than ever.
  • Meta Creation Automation: Meta creation (i.e., Meta Title, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions) is now more automated across all models.
  • Offer Saving: We’ve fixed a pesky issue with saving offers.
  • Page Expiry: We’ve eliminated an issue where some product pages were showing as expired.
  • Activity Log Pruning: We’ve streamlined the activity log pruning process for peak performance.

On Our Radar

We want to assure you that each of your feature requests is vital to us, and they’ve all been added to our roadmap. While we can’t integrate every request immediately, they are in our pipeline, and we prioritize them based on demand. This prioritization process is supported by polls in our Facebook group.

We’re committed to making FreshStore the best it can be through regular updates and improvements. Keep an eye out for future updates — your requested feature might just be next on the list!

😎 Enjoy the New Features!

Your stores have already been upgraded with all these new features. We hope you enjoy the fresh updates and features.

Remember, we’re here for you, and together, we will shape the future of affiliate stores. Enjoy exploring the new version and keep rocking your stores! 🎉

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