FreshStore Update – New Features and Fixes (v1.20)

Hey FreshStore Community! 🌟

I’m excited to announce the release of FreshStore v1.20!

This version brings a lot of smaller fixes and improvements that will make managing your store easier. Let’s dive into what this new version has in store for you!

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What’s New in v1.20? πŸ†•

New Features ⭐️

  1. Live Product Price Updates: Now, your product offers and prices are updated in real time.
  2. Live eBay Auction Updates: Related eBay auctions on your product pages are now updated live.
  3. eBay Auction Locales: We’ve expanded the locales for related eBay auctions.
  4. Expanded Redirects: You can now set up custom redirects with full paths.
  5. Cut, Copy, Paste in Content Editor: The cut, copy, and paste functions have been added to the top of the content editor.
  6. Category Product Display Option: New option to show or hide subcategory products in each category.
  7. Support Ticket History: Access your support ticket history directly from the store help icon.
  8. Article Image Columns: Manage your articles more efficiently with image columns in the admin area.
  9. Store Stats in Main Account: Get detailed statistics for each store in your main account area, including product numbers.

Improvements πŸ”§

  • Single Offer Display: Product pages now display one offer per merchant for clarity.
  • AI Category Builder: Enhanced AI category builder for more relevant suggestions.
  • XML Sitemaps: Accessible link and guide to XML Sitemaps for better SEO.
  • Offer Updating Schedule: Improved schedule for updating product offers.
  • Performance Boost: Various enhancements for a faster and smoother experience.
  • Article SEO Enhancements: Updated embedded product title tags to <h3> for improved SEO.
  • AI Article Improvements: Various enhancements including style, subheadings, readability, and formatting.
  • Product Content Improvements: Better titles, main content, and summaries for AI-generated products.
  • 404 Error Handling: Enhanced matching of 404 errors to relevant products or categories.
  • Faster Offer Importer: Speed improvements for the offer importer.
  • Cleaner Analytics Reports: Excluded uptime checks for clearer analytics.
  • Homepage Main Title and Subtitle: AI-enhanced creation for more engaging titles.
  • Brand Content Generator: Content is now more tailored to your store’s niche.
  • Header Text Optimization: Header bar text changed to h2 for better SEO.
  • Amazon Countries: Expanded Amazon country options in offer settings.
  • Homepage Hero Text: Enhanced Hero text with a shadow for better visibility.
  • Offer Importer Sort: Clarification on the β€œBest Seller” sort order in the offer importer.
  • Robots.txt Optimization: Enhanced robots.txt for improved site crawling.
  • Twitter/X Logo: Updated the Twitter logo to X.

What’s on the Horizon? πŸŒ…

I’m currently developing a feature request system for your account area. This system will allow you to suggest new features, vote on your favorites, and track our progress.

Our next major version will include some well requested features, including the ability to add Custom Offers. Watch this space!

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of the FreshStore journey!

Take care, and here’s to your continued success!

– Carey ✌️

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