New Version – FreshStore v2.3.0

Version v2.3.0 is now released, 16th July 2011.
Another new and free template is included with this release, as well as many bug fixes and exciting new features. The new template “Classic Coloured” is the fourth free template and is available for no charge, for all our FSB users.
Read on for some details about our new features, and our full release notes.

New Features

  • NEW TEMPLATE! ClassicColoured
  • NEW LOCALE! Canada
  • NEW LOCALE! Japan
  • NEW LOCALE! France
  • Added Newsletter page to the Stalfoshop template
  • Added dynamic price display to product listings (former price, “from” price etc.) in Stalfoshop template
  • Added sideboxes to the Stalfoshop template
  • Added CSS changes to the Stalfoshop template
  • Added ability to change background image on the Stalfoshop template
  • Added XML Sitemap index files, so the number of products etc. in the sitemap is now unlimited
  • Updated search indexes for all locales
  • Added CSV Export for Products

Bugs Exterminated

  • Fixed .htaccess issue on Fasthost servers
  • Added the product_parent.php file to the StalfoShop template
  • Added core sitemap page into install/upgrade files
  • Fixes to category with subcategories page in the StalfoShop template
  • Fixes to the sitemap page on all templates
  • Fixed bug in autopopulate with multiple keywords
  • Fixed problem with site not live message in the dashboard
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumb in StalfoShop template
  • Fixed duplicate RSS icons in Modernshop template
  • Fixed issue with Filter Options in Stalfoshop template
  • Fixed “Add to Cart” button for parent products on product listings, in Stalfoshop template
  • Fixed the Category with Sub Categories view in Stalfoshop Template
  • Changed Stalfoshop Product Info template to only show 1 breadcrumb
  • Fixed issues with permissions during install script
  • Fixed broken link in install script

Download the new version in your FreshStore Account.

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